EU citizenship in Cyprus - costs and benefits
Required fee's 


- Unrestricted right to live, work, travel and study anywhere in the European Union

- Visa-free travel to 158 countries

- Free trade within EU, business access to 500 million EU citizens

- Cyprus has no inheritance tax, has a highly favourable corporate tax structure and a comprehensive double tax treaty network

- Cyprus offers a great place to visit/live, it enjoys a strategic geographical position, offers excellent worldwide connections, has excellent infrastructure, a pleasant climate and is highly stable establishment and free movement of services and goods


- The main investment may be sold after three years; however, the investor must always maintain/purchase a property with a value of at least €500,000

- Property purchased up to 3 years prior to the submission of the citizenship application will count towards the required investment

- Applicants must hold a clean criminal record from the country of origin and country of residence if different and their name must not be on the list of persons whose property is ordered to be frozen within the EU

Foreign residents now make up over 20% of the Cypriot population, so you don't have to worry about being alone out here.