Cyprus cuisine
Cypriot cuisin

Cypriot cuisine is closely related to both Greek and Turkish cuisine due to being so close to both countries, but is also strongly influenced by Byzantine, French, Italian, Catalan, Ottoman and Middle Eastern preferences to.

 Fresh fruits and vegetables are the most commonly eaten staple food of the Cypriot diet and found in the majority of their dishes. There is no shortage of authentic markets where you can buy cheap and local food fresh from the farmers fields!

The favourite spices and herbs of this country include pepper, parsley, arugula, cilantro, thyme, or oregano. Traditionally however, artisha (cumin) and coriander seeds make up the main cooking aromas of the island.

Mint is considered a very important herb in Cyprus. It grows abundantly, and locals use it for everything, particularly in dishes containing ground meat. We recommend when eating out, to choose a dish that is bursting with different classical flavours so you can appreciate their vibrant culture.

Most tavern's and Cypriot restaurants will serve an array of dishes, from vegan friendly and vegetarian, to your typical steak, salads, chips, humus, pasta dishes, stews and the more traditional dishes if you are feeling bold.

Some of the most popular dishes of Cyprus are -

Cypriot Souvlaki

 Cyprus is full of  towns and villages that have traditional souvlaki shops who serve lamb, pork or chicken cooked on a skewer as a kebab in large pita bread with tomatoes and cucumbers and white cabbage. Raw onion and parsley are a very popular addition with souvlakia in Cyprus, as are pickled green chilli peppers. Like all grilled meat dishes in Cyprus, souvlakia is always accompanied by fresh lemon halves or quarters, and plain thick yogurt or tzatziki are also popular accompaniments. We really recommend trying this out.


A traditional Cypriot speciality made up of pork, red wine, mushrooms, potatoes and coarsely crushed coriander seed. Afelia is usually served with bulgur and yogurt.


Meze is a style of eating that has many different small courses, but each course contains just a little of each item, enough for everyone to have a taste and tom share. Every taverna offers a unique style of Meze with a variety of dishes available. The standard Meze is either meat or fish for the main dishes and a number of small, side dishes ranging from salads, potatoes and eggs to hummus and tarmasalata.


This is a slightly salty Cypriot cheese made from sheep or goat milk and was originally made during the Medieval Byzantine period, by the local Greek population but was so popular it's still being sold today. Halloumi is  fried or grilled, depending on personal preference and is often garnished with mint to add to the taste.

Horiatiki Salata

A village style Greek salad made up of super fresh and crisp tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, feta cheese, olives, olive oil, and vinegar - but no lettuce like a regular salad


A gorgeous smooth dip made from chickpeas and tahini. This is nearly always served as part of a meze, or comes as a dish with numerous dippers like pitta bread and different veg sticks.
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