Variety Abounds!

Cyprus boasts a number of popular diving sites. For caves and reefs, with fascinating coral growth and great visibility so you can enjoy it, head for Ayia Napa. If wrecks are more your thing, visit Larnaca. It’s the resting place of HMS Cricket which sank in 1947. It’s also home to one of the top diver wrecks of the world, the Zenobia. This Swedish ro-ro ferry sank in 1980, lies at the bottom of a 43-metre dive. Be prepared to encounter large schools of Amberjack, Grouper and Barrracuda.

Paphos Diving

The Paphos area offers a variety of different attractions for divers. The submarine cliff descends from 17 to 40 metres and is home to pinnacles, caves and overhangs, not to mention an amazing tunnel and a host of sea life. Take care, though, as this site is really for the more experienced diver.

There’s plenty to see in the sea around Cyprus: green and leatherback turtles, grouper, saupe, mullet and
rabbit fish, bream, wrasse, parrot fish, damsel fish and soldier fish – not to mention pina clams, sponges and octopus. If you feel inclined to catch anything, catch it with your camera.

It should go without saying that you take care of the environment so that others can share your enjoyment.

Treasure Hunting

There is always the possibility that you might find a previously undiscovered wreck or, even better, get your hands on some long-lost "treasure". While you’re looking, don’t let the heat of the chase spoil your enjoyment of the beauty of the underwater world of the Cypriot seas. Even if you come up with nothing, you are sure to have wonderful memories to take home.

Diving Schools

There are a number of diving schools in Cyprus, make sure you look out for the PADI accreditation or go on the recommendation of someone you trust.

Where you can find the best diving locations on the island. 
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