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Troodos is located in the Southern part of Cyprus and is known for its natural, undisturbed beauty, only being broken up by its 29 small communities dotted throughout the area and winding roads.

Declared a national park in 1992 before being divided into four nature reserves, Troodos is acclaimed for its diverse wildlife, having over 750 recorded types of plants and being home to some breathtaking animals like the super rare Bonelli’s eagle and the iconic Cypriot mouflon sheep, along with countless more, make it any animal lovers paradise.


In the heat of summer, up high in the idyllic Troodos mountains you will find refreshingly cool air circling the peaks whilst the rest of the islands temperatures soar. Whereas throughout the winter months, you will experience a slightly warmer climate compared to the rest of Cyprus, yet will find snow in the higher regions and on the mountains.

Skiing in the Troodos mountains

Due to the amount of snowfall that Troodos receives, it’s become asnow sportshotspot, with dozens of resorts to choose from and ski slopes crisscrossing the mountainous landscape.  Mount Olympos, standing at over 1000 meters, is the tallest mountain on the island and as a result has four marked routes for skiers and boarders to relish.  

What else does Troodos have to offer? 

- Troodos also has lots of small hotels, picnic areas, panoramic viewing platforms and hiking/cycling trails snaking through the wilderness.

- The region is also famous for the well preserved ancient churches with amazing painted interiors which are still a huge attraction to this day

- There are also some wonderful waterfalls which are great to chill near and relax to the sound of roaring water, or the stunning Kouris reservoir

- Not forgetting the Botanical gardens, a hidden gem in the heart of Troodos close to the old asbestos mine

- Lastly, you can always visit the array of various museums.   


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