Also known as Lefkosia, Nicosia is the islands capital city and is home to over 300,000 people, making it a bustling location with a vibrant atmosphere all year round.




Nicosia attractions and amenities

  • Nicosia has multiple educational establishments like schools,  universities and colleges; which in turn attracts thousands of young people and international students to the area, injecting the city with energy.  

  • Transport links into Nicosia are plentiful. You can choose to take the ferry from either the Limassol or Larnaca ports, fly into Larnaca airport which is just a leisurely 30 minute drive (Nicosia airport has been closed off since the 1974 Turkish invasion) or like most people, arrive via the Southern highway. There’s also a bus service that connects the city to the rest of Cyprus and taxis are available to hire.

  • Nicosia is home to 9 museums, ranging from art to artefacts.

  • Being a city, there’s no shortage of convenience shops, malls, pharmacies, salons, restaurants, bars or things to do.

  • There are also a couple of theatres and performing arts/exhibition centres where you can sink your teeth into cultural events and showcases of anything from sculptures to archaeological discoveries.

  • Built from 1567 - 1570, the walls of Nicosia are intriguing old structures that snake around the city. One of the most popular activities to do whilst here is to experience ‘The divided city, one day excursion tour’, whereyou'll be shown the abandoned streets, bullet holes in the walls of destroyed buildings, forgotten shops and an insight into the past of Cyprus and what the island suffered in 1974. You'll be taken into the Turkish occupied North on foot to see some sights and then return to the South to explore the old town and the Cypriot cuisine through a walking snack tour. This is followed by a Segway experience to further explore the old town of Nicosia and its history before you sit down for a traditional meze meal.

  • Nicosia is also home to four cinemas, where you can watch the latest blockbusters and the occasional arthouse European film.

  • Being located inland, Nicosia isn't known for any beautiful beaches like most of the coastal cities in the south, but it the perfect destination for a city break, with everything you could possibly need close by.

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