21/1/19- Walking, Hiking & Jeeping!

Troodos Mountains and the Peninsula area make the most excellent hiking areas.
Coast ? Desert? Jungle ? Mountain ? Explore these spots and you'll experience it all.
Thats if you can handle the extreme heat through summer! Most people find it too uncomfortable! Cyprus Nature Trial brochures are in any Tourist Organisations, or you could just see where the track takes you..you will not be disappointed.
In the North, ‘Pentadaktylos Mountains’ are a must see. Not much of a walker? There are very beautiful jeep tracks nearby..
In most places you will commonly find stables and riding clubs. Riding the panoramic mountains is so relaxed, mostly found in Limassol and Paphos, horse riding is more popular in the winter months. Take a slow journey exploring Cyprus..


Think your up for the challenge? Its very hot up there and very dauntingly steep! There are plenty of tricky dirt tracks in Troodos and Pentadaktylos mountains.
It is more than rewarding to see the scenery.
Insure you have plenty of water in that back-pack!
Top places for ‘Dirt Tracks’.. Cape Gkreko, Tillyria, Pitsilia & Karpasia!
For those looking for a more chilled cycle, more paved and quiet roads are located close to the sea..

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