5 things to do in Paphos!
Kato Paphos Archaeology Park

You could easily spend hours pottering around this fantastic attraction close to the harbour. There are structures here that go back to prehistory, but the most famous remnants are from the Roman era. The ruins of four villas survive from this time and boast stunningly detailed mosaics, all dating to the year 100 and depicting  scenes from Roman mythology. From the same era is the Ancient Odeon, a small arena that is still used by the town as a performance venue, while the Tombs of the Kings is an underground burial complex, supported by intact Doric columns and dating back 1500 years.

Paphos Archaeological museum

This museum documents human activity in western Cyprus from the Neolithic age to the 18th century. You will get a real sense of location when you see the collection of coins that were minted right here in Paphos thousands of years ago. Each room at the museum represents another stage in the areas history, so after the Ancient Greek exhibits you can admire the wonderful marble sculptures of the Roman era: The Bust of Aphrodite is a real standout here. 

Paphos Fort

Paphos Fort is probably one of the most popular things to do in Paphos, especially if you’re tight on time and fancy spending the majority of your time in the harbour and old town. The original fort has been destroyed and rebuilt many times, with the Ottomans restoring it to its former glory in the 16th century. It is now a fully protected UNESCO World Heritage Site and is said to be the emblem the Paphos region.

Stop for a tea in at Agios Neophytos Monastery 

The Agio Neophytos Monastery, sitting on a hill above Paphos, is a beautiful place to visit any time of year. The monastery itself has panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, and the buildings and gardens are a pleasure to walk around. The best part of all is that visitors are welcomed in for a cup of tea and some cake, which you can enjoy on big, royal-looking chairs in the company of monks and priests.

Day trip to Blue Lagoon

If you’re a water baby then a boat trip to The Blue Lagoon needs to be top of your Paphos bucket list. Leaving from Latchi harbour, the trip takes in the beauty of the Akamas Peninsula and ends up in the famous Blue Lagoon, just a small bit further down the coast from Aprodites Rock. Here you can jump off the boat and go snorkelling in the insanely clear turquoise waters or sit on the boat and enjoy some free wine ora boozy mojito! By far one of the most fun things to do in Paphos and the best day trip we did for sure.

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