EU Citizenship by Investment

Golden Visa Cyprus. Permanent Residency €300,000. EU Citizenship €2.0 million (excluding VAT) and €150000 donation to the government after the application is approved. The Cyprus citizenship program is the most popular and easy way of obtaining European Union citizenship in a shortest time frame. The Cyprus programme is unique and has no counterparts in the European Union.

Cyprus offers two golden visa programs through real estate investment. One for permanent residency and one for citizenship. The two Cypriot immigration investment schemes are fast and efficient at granting a residency permit and second passport. Cyprus is a full member of the European Union and English is widely spoken on the island.

Sunshine Luxury Villas are specialists in providing citizenship and residency in Cyprus for individuals and families. We have had the privilege to assist many nationalities through this process at the most competitive rates and helped many find their perfect property. We offer a tailor-maid service and will assist you every step of the way.

Application process


Choosing an investment property.


Signing a purchase contract.


Preparation and submission of documents for obtaining citizenship.


Citizenship approval from Ministry of Interior within 3 weeks period.


Passport is issued 6 months after the submission of application.

Application Criteria


Birth certificate

Police clearance certificate from country of origin

Marriage certificate (if applicable)

Detailed biography

Major Benefits

Fast and Easy Process

Citizenship is obtained within six months with no language test.


Travel to 158 countries around the world with all the rights of residing, working and doing business in the EU.

Dual Citizenship

Is permitted and the acquisition of citizenship in Cyprus is not reported to other countries.

Passports for all Family Members

Citizenship is granted to the applicant, the spouse and all financially dependent children up to the age of 28.

Low Taxation

Double-taxation treaties with more than 40 countries. No inheritance tax and the lowest rate of corporate income tax in Europe.

Zero Days

No requirement to stay in Cyprus.

Exit strategy

Right for sale of the investment objects in 3 years, however the possession of at least €500,000 worth of residential property is required.

Investment Criteria

Purchase of a residential property for at least €2 million or acquisition of investment property for at least €2 million and residential property for at least €500,000.